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D.O.A. II – Extreme Horror Collection

Blurb:  “Make sure your health insurance covers psychiatric counseling before reading this book, because you’re gonna need it. The experience of this collection may be likened to getting run over by a 666-car locomotive engineered by Lucifer. This is the cream of grotesquerie’s crop, a Whitman’s Sampler of the heinous, and an absolutely gut-wrenching celebration of the furthest extremities of the scatological, the taboo, the unconscionable, and the blasphemous.” -Edward Lee, author of THE HAUNTER OF THE THRESHOLD and THE DUNWICH ROMANCE

If you thought Volume One was intense, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Twenty-eight masters of the extreme contribute their most hardcore tales to the anthology that only Blood Bound Books could publish: D.O.A. II.
Wrath James White, Jack Ketchum, Robert Devereaux, J.F. Gonzalez, David Quinn, Shane McKenzie, John McNee and many more.

Pull back the coroner’s sheet, hold your breath, and enjoy the ride.


3 Stars – The Devouring – Damn. How do you rate something you’re not into? The writing was solid. The couple, from my point of view, are twisted-sick, and are into some stomach-clenching, asphyxiation shit. If you dig that snuff stuff this may be for you.

5 Stars- If Memory Serves by Jack Ketchum- Multiple personalities. Some secretss should stay just that.

5 Stars- Scream and I’ll Come To You by Raymond Little- Maybe they should have used another symptom instead of screaming. Too easy to misunderstand.

4 Stars- Real Dino Shit- A pregnant zombie? Cool story.

5 Stars- Finger Cuffs by Matt Kurtz- The prey becomes the predator.

4 Stars- Annointed by D. Lynn Smith- Plumbing the drains of sin.

3 Stars- Home by J.F Gonzalez- A solid story, but nothing horrific.

4 Stars- Road Kill by Monica J. O’Rourke- That was sick!

3 Stars- A Scalene Love Triangle by Kerry G.S. Lipp- Everyone gets off

2 Stars- Bordertown by Laura Campbell- Don’t worry be healthy

2 Stars- One Flesh by Robert Devereaux

3 Stars- Telescopic by Harper Hull

2 Stars – Sexy by Wrath James White- When I die, I wanna be remembered as….

5 Stars- Threads by Calie Voorhis- Gross

2 Stars- Burn the Witches by K. Trap Jones

4 Stars- Under the Pretext of Propensity by Anton Cancre- Beware underage fantasizing! Nice ending.

2 Stars- Every Drop of Blood Has a Soul by David Quinn

5 Stars- Dr. Scabs and The Hags of El Cajon by Robert Essig- Drugs and scabs. What an odd combination.

5 Stars- STD by David Berstein- So freaking nasty!

3 Stars – Fat Boy by Kelly Hudson

4 Stars- The Pubic Hair Tumbleweed by Joshua Dobson- Too short, but original.

3 Stars- The Proud Mother by Ken MacGregor- A dead man’s baby.

3 Stars- Game of Golf by Gregory Norris

3 Stars- Slice of Life by Thomas Pluck

3 Stars- Stud Service by J S Reinhardt

3 Stars- Give Me Something good to Eat by Shane McKenzie

3 Stars- Linger by Daniel Russell

3 Stars- Skunk Jr by John McNee

A really extreme horror read with some very talented authors. Some of them are new to me and I will be looking to see what else they have written.

Recommended for those who can stomach dark and twisted reads.

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