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Review – Grudge Punk by John McNee

Grudgehaven: “A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth-smeared window.”

From the twisted mind of author John McNee come nine tales of brutality and betrayal from a city like no other.

A granite detective has a date with destiny at a motel made of flesh. A severed hand is on a desperate mission to ruin somebody’s evening. While a mob war reaches its bloody climax, the Mayor is up to his neck in dead prostitutes.
And Clockwork Joe? He just wants to be a real boy.

Bizarro Press proudly presents the latest in dieselpunk-bizarro-horror-noir. This…

…is GrudgePunk


 In this world are made up things.
Nut and bolts and wire and spring.
Grudge citizens aren’t like you and I.
It’s filled with desperation, mutilation, and lies.
Hands don’t need bodies to move around.
They can walk on their own without a sound.
Need a makeover? Check your joints and lube.
Strip you bare and replace your tubes.
If you can’t do the time.
Don’t do the crime.
You’ll suffer in the flesh and
You’ll be alive the whole time.
For The King of Broken Glass
will not give you a pass.
And The King of Eyes
has many spies.
There’s no life here.
Just acid rain.
You don’t belong.
You have nothing to gain.

by Nikki

This book made me realize that although I like bizarro stories, I like them to be horrifyingly humorous, outlandishly dark, sadistically sexual, and/or wickedly weird, not plain bizarro fiction. Don’t get me wrong I liked the setting, but it read like normal fiction with a weird world and abnormal characters.

Suggested for folks who don’t like their reads to be explicit. This may be tame enough for you~

5 Stars- In the Flesh by John McNee- A motel of flesh.

3 Stars- A Hand Walks Into a Bar- Didn’t feel zest for this one.

4 Stars- Gutter Politics- A literal title.

5 Stars- Down to the Bones – A murder gone wrong.

2 Stars- The Corridors of Power – It was kinda boring

3 Stars- A Real Piece of Work- A simple read

4 Stars- One Parasite to Another – A greedy priest is afflicted with a parasite

2 Stars- Gods of the Damned- The capture of Regan.

2 Stars- All the Wrong Parts- A robber for a reason.


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