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Love & Zombies

“The zombie apocalypse has already ended. The government nipped the problem in the bud before it got out of hand. But now Henry, an aspiring filmmaker in Los Angeles, is getting a request from his old friend Sam Kranson. Sam Kranson says they need to go run an errand in Las Vegas. There’s a hefty payday for the job. And it involves capturing a real live zombie.

But that can’t be true, can it? Are there zombies out there in the Nevada desert? Or has Sam Kranson finally lost his mind? And more importantly: Will Henry’s loving girlfriend Teresa strangle him if he goes on this adventure with Sam?

Part horror, part comedy, all madness and suspense, Love & Zombies is a lunatic burn through three days in the life of Henry—days in which he battles to stay alive, and get back to his love without becoming (un)dead.”

~This was like a Bill and Ted adventure with sex, drugs and zombies at the forefront of their minds. Writers make me contradict myself all the time. I firmly *hands on hips* stated that I, Ms. Nikki, do not gel well with “funny” horror reads and what does Mr. Shapiro go and do? Make me laugh, that’s what.
Although this read most likely won’t win any awards, I did find myself snickering quite a bit. There were holes in the story that I blotted out because fun doesn’t always have to make sense.

This read will not gel with everyone. A face-value read. 3 Stars

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