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Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker

“In a world controlled by three monstrous gods ready to destroy everything at any point they choose, Dave Anderson knows the only way he can survive is to do the same as everybody else – keep his head down, question nothing and hope he doesn’t end up sacrificed to the gods. That’s his plan until he discovers his teenage daughter is risking her life in an attempt to rid the world of its rulers.

Terrified of losing his daughter, Dave joins her boyfriend in a frantic search while trying to avoid the authorities eager to offer him to their dark lords. The men must fight their way through a country governed by fear towards a derelict manor where a weapon for change and hope awaits. Here, a long-dead writer has left clues pointing to an object that might free the world of its terrible masters…or lead to something far worse…”

What if old gods were on earth, taking away your hope for living, for a future? What if today was your last day and you were to be sacrificed to these gods who care nothing for you? How far would you go to save yourself and the ones you love?
Dave Anderson is just trying to get by unnoticed by the gods when his daughter’s boyfriend, Tom, shows up with some disturbing news; his daughter, Ashleigh, has been searching for a way to get rid of the rulers and is risking her life by doing so.
From here on, Dave and Tom travel though the countryside battling creatures and avoiding the police to get to Ashleigh.
The idea was a good one, but I found the writing extremely simple and overly extended, making the read not as intense as it should have been in urgent situations, which was the majority of the book. Some paragraphs could have been compacted into one. A middle of the road read for me. 2 Stars

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