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{Review} Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker

Published by Darkfuse Genres: Horror

“Jessie is not living the life he imagined. He spends his days working a job he hates. He spends his nights tormented by night terrors.

He once had goals and dreams. Now he’s just trying to get by.

Unfortunately for Jessie and his family, while he’s given up on his dreams, his nightmares haven’t given up on him. And right now one is crossing over into the waking world.”

What, exactly, are you afraid of? When night comes and it’s time to sleep, all your fears, wants, and needs of the day are let loose, to venture and paint pictures in your mind of what could be. But, what if the thoughts you buried so deep manifested a being that wants to remove the source that’s keeping you from what you desire? Should you set if free? Or do you face the Nightmare Man and finally free yourself from fear’s hold?

A solid tale of “night terrors.”

I have an incurable book addiction and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I will buy a book based on its cover alone. I love promoting authors. I am... the Ultimate Reader.

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