The Revenant Road by Michael Boatman


Bestselling crime writer Obadiah Grudge has got it all: money, fame and a heavy drinking problem. But when he learns of a violent death in the family, his otherwise predictable life ignites in a firestorm of supernatural violence. Everything Grudge thought he knew about his estranged father was wrong, his only legacy one of darkness and horror. His father was the world’s greatest monster-hunter, and now creatures from humanity’s darkest nightmares are coming for him, even though he wants nothing to do with the “family business.” But with the supernatural community determined to destroy the son of their greatest enemy, Obadiah Grudge’s survival becomes his first priority.

We all walk the road. Some are born to it. For Obadiah Grudge, destiny is a one way journey into terror…

Obadiah Grudge, a writer, has just learned of his father’s death and that’s he’s been living a secret life. His father was a monster hunter and now, so is he, whether he wants to be or not.

This reminded me a bit of a Gregory Lamberson without the depth. There was wit. There was random action. There were some funny one-liners. There was some WTH moments, but most of all, the main character was either in denial or just wimping-out for 73 percent of the book which did not make you sympathetic to his plight. He only manned-up at the end and I laughed when he did because it didn’t fit. I’m guessing this is supposed to be a “funny” book, and me and funny horror don’t do too well (unless it’s on the big screen), especially when it’s spoof-y like this one.

It was a little better than “okay.”

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