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Review – 400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White

Genres: Extreme Horror

400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White


Natasha has met the man of her dreams, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to please him. Kenyatta has taught Natasha about herself, given her a sense of safety she has never felt before, and shown her a whole new world of sexual experiences.
Now she must learn the hardest part of love: understanding. To help Natasha overcome her white-trash upbringing and understand African heritage, Kenyatta offers her a wager. A very real and dangerous wager, but one worth taking.
Can Natasha’s love endure 400 Days of Oppression?

My Review:

4 1/2 Stars

Kenyatta is in love with Christie. School is ending and he knows he won’t see her again because he’s transferring to a new one. On their walk home he confesses his love and seals it with a kiss. Christie runs off and leaves Kenyatta heartbroken.

Kenyatta decides to try again over the phone. Their feelings may be reciprocated, but Christie’s parents don’t believe in that; black boys dating white girls. Kenyatta doesn’t care though. His obsession is stronger than that and no one will stand in his way.

Years later:
Enter Natasha. She’s been through a lot. Being molested at a young age has damaged her confidence and self-esteem. She went through men, drugs, and alcohol, but somehow she managed to get good grades and become a teacher.

A night out with a friend leads to an unexpected meeting.
Kenyatta and Natasha clash instantly. He’s hot and seems into her, but he starts a conversation about race which has both of them on the defensive. His political debate excites her though. A smart, fine guy, looking for a commitment was interested in her? There’s got to be something wrong with him, right?

Kenyatta dominates her and she’s soon head over heals. He wants to be with her, but first she must understand the black man’s struggle. If she can submit, he will marry her. How much degradation could you endure for the sake of love. How many whippings would you take before saying the safe word. How much is too much?

I found out quickly that this was not your typical erotic story. Race was the force behind this read. Kenyatta’s historical lessons from the “book” were a little much and preachy.

Kenyatta and his start-up conversation put up big yellow and red lights. CAUTION. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM! SLOW DOWN. STOP. THIS DUDE IS CRAZY! I was instantly put-off by him and I had a hard time seeing exactly what is was that attracted Natasha to him. He was aggressive in a psychotic cave-man, bash you over the head sorta way, not in an “you’re mine” possessive, growl, love me long time way.

The stuff he made her go through as a “slave” was unsettling and the fact that she was doing it willingly made it even tougher to read about. She wasn’t dumb. She knew what she was doing. She was actually quite strong to be able to submit to such extremes.

This is not an easy read. It has whippings, light blood play, physical violence, and a little more woman-on-woman than I’m comfortable with. The half star came off due to the time she spent on the ranch which didn’t really interest me. I felt that Kenyatta kind of disappeared from the story for too long. The other part was the educational moments.

That’s being said, this is Wrath’s most in-depth work I’ve read so far. In his other reads something was always missing. In this read there were no holes, no guessing. It is what it is. It’s cruel. It’s dark. It’s twisted.

The ending was perfect. Natasha. Master of her own life.

Rounded up to 5 WHIPPINGS

$5.99 *click cover to purchase*

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