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Review – All You Can Eat by Shane McKenzie

All You Can Eat by Shane McKenzie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Deep in Texas there is a Chinese restaurant that harbors a secret. Its food is delicious and the secret ingredient ensures that once you have one bite you’ll never be able to stop. But when the food runs out and the customers turn to cannibalism, the kitchen staff must take up arms against these obese people-eaters or else be next on the menu!


Juan wants a better life for his family and his pan-handling ways are not going to cut it. His cousin Manuel tells him about a job he can get him and Juan accepts the offer even though it will take him far from his family. He travels, not legally, across the border, making his entrance to America a rather frightful one.

Lola’s a cop. A cop with issues. Daddy issues to be specific. She can’t seem to chase away the memory of her father. It doesn’t help that her partner Jennings reminds her of him with his comments and derogatory nature.

Mr. Chan’s business was going under until he decided to change up the recipe. This new recipe worked wonders for his sales. His customer can’t seem to stay away.

On one fateful night these characters will learn the true meaning of “all you can eat.” Mr. Chan’s customers are hungry and one serving is not enough.

The tale was solid on all fronts; skillful characterization, interesting dialogue, and quick pacing. Lola and her issues took point with me. One line stuck in my mind and I couldn’t shake it; “Reach over here and rub Daddy’s tummy, baby. Daddy don’t feel good.” It left a sour taste in my mouth and I wasn’t the one drinking.

Its got blood and guts, and eating of said blood and guts so be forewarned, but for those who like that sort of thing, I think you’ll find an equal balance of story vs gore.

A recommended fun read.

$4.95  *click cover to purchase*

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