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Review – Darklings by Ray Garton

Darklings by Ray Garton
279 pages


The Emergency Room is no stranger to death, but not like this. Normally, a death serves as a final ending. Now, as a parasite straight out of Hell slithers from of the body of a serial killer, death has only begun its terrifying, grisly rampage through the small hospital and town.

A surgeon, a fugitive, a pregnant mother, a hospital worker—each serves as host for this spawn of the Devil, driven to commit the vilest of acts. Murder, infanticide, nymphomania, cannibalism—their flesh and bones becomes puppets in service of Satan’s grotesque theater. Some brave few may try to stand against this evil, but as the Darklings closes in around them, are they digging for clues or digging their own graves?



It starts out as a single thought,
a single deed,
a simple compulsion,
a simple need.
It grows and festers,
and hides behind kind eyes.
Moving carelessly, recklessly,
promiscuously, through life.
Ready to create havoc and cause strife.

by Nikki

An evil form has manifested from a boy whose father taught him about good and how powerful evil could be. Once the boy died, the evil was set free and once it was in a person, in the form of a parasite, their inhibitions flew right out the window.

It could have been so much more, but for the time in which this read was written, I’m sure Garton was already breaking new ground in the horror genre. The story seemed to drag on a little with the characters being clueless as to what was really going on around them. The scenes of the parasite’s influence on the ones it inhabited were written remarkable well and are what held this read together along with the doctor who first witnessed the parasite slither from the killer’s body.  It was interesting and I already own more of Mr. Gaton’s stories and look forward to his more recent releases as the talent is there. Be sure to check him out~


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