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Review- Nests by Barry Napier

Nests by Barry Napier


The monsters came out of nowhere. Even before we starting dropping nuclear warheads on them, we didn’t know where they came from. We just knew that they were huge. Most of the population perished as a result of the monsters, the bombs, or the fallout.

Those that survived roamed the landscape for supplies or other people. Some of them discovered that the monsters left behind nests that sit upon the landscape like sunken storm clouds. And something inside is alive.

Kendra and Eric face their own trials as they seek out a rumored military safe zone. With a baby in tow and violence at every turn, the nests become an afterthought until they find themselves forced to enter one. Inside, there is only death and madness—something they will have to adapt to if they want to survive.


This read was a little too simple for my tastes. Kendra, her baby, and Eric are trying to survive in a world of Nest. Food is scarce and time seems to be running out. They need a safe place so they head out to where there might be a haven, but run into guys who want to use them to figure out what the nest is.

The story was slow going and lacked the action needed to keep the reader’s attention. I could have easily skipped a chapter or two and picked right back up on what was happening. The creature and descriptions were vague; “I hear something. It had a circular shape. I think it’s part of something much bigger. I hear a sound from somewhere.” That was quite annoying. I was thinking, “WHAT?! What do you see, feel, hear?” There was also a lot of crying and weeping for these dehydrated people. I guess I’d do that too if I felt I was gonna die any minute.

It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either.

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