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Review – The Grinding by Matt Dinniman

The Grinding by Matt Dinniman


Six months ago, the world watched in horror as we lost an American city.

The Grinder. That’s what the survivors of Tucson called the monster. Just one touch, and they became a part of it. It used their bodies as limbs and as weapons. In just a matter of hours, it became huge, a towering monstrosity made entirely out of tens of thousands of people and animals.

This isn’t behind-the-scenes bullshit from the point of view of the military. This isn’t yet another conspiracy theory about what really happened to Air Force One that night, or about the decision to nuke Tucson.

This is a rare, eyewitness account from someone who was there, in the midst of the destruction. But most importantly, this is the terrifying truth.


We together like two peas in a pod.
When I first met you, I’m sure you thought I was odd.
We worked ’round each other, each and every day.
We’d fight and argue, till it became just play.
From there we shared our sorrows,
and tried to tame our fears.
Some things you can’t recover from.
I feel your tears.
One day some shit happens.
It was utterly surreal.
I couldn’t be there for you.
I thought that you were killed.
Then, my phone rings,
and I put it to my ear.
It’s you…You’re alive.
My heart beats anew.
“Don’t worry, baby.” I whisper.
“I am coming for you.”

by Nikki

What if a creature had the ability to absorb you into its fold? To consume your thoughts? Make your knowledge, your memories, its own?
That’s what Matt Dinniman has created in this creature feature of a read.

The main character, Adam, is out at the derby with his girlfriend, Nif, when the screaming starts and Adam’s world is changed forever.

Adam, the MC is a very introspective character who, at times, becomes a bit long-winded in his journey to save his wife, who, I don’t know if I cared enough about to make me fully involved in Adam’s journey in saving her. The secondary characters, the twins in particular, added a special flavor to this read with their almost telepathic ability as twins.

The second half of the story picked up the pace with more action and descriptive scenes of chaos and the Grinding, bringing us to a fitting and very satisfying ending, wrapping things up neatly.
A solid read~

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