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Review – The Sound of Midnight by Charles L. Grant

Review by Recluse

There are fictional towns that are synonymous with horror. Arkham. Innsmouth. ‘Salem’s Lot. And then there is Oxrun Station. Horror doesn’t just happen here. This is where horror lives. From the quiet fear that caresses the back of one’s neck, to the stark raving terror that leaves insanity in it’s wake, this is where you’ll find it, on the streets of this quiet little town where nothing is what it seems, and the shadows themselves can prove far deadlier than what hides within them.

Every town has it’s secrets. A mysterious note and the accidental drowning of a young boy places a couple in the crosshairs of one such secret…one that wields a power that cannot be stopped. Reminiscent of M.R. James’ “Casting the Runes”, this is a tautly paced, atmospheric tale. Highly recommended to any fan of classic, quiet horror.

Come visit Oxrun Station. You can leave any time you like. But it will never let you go.

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