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The Hole

It starts with an odd hum that brings headaches and nosebleeds to the inhabitants of a remote, sleepy country town. Then a sinkhole begins to form…and out from that hole comes the townspeople’s worst nightmares.

Facing their fears and the growing madness, a group of survivors descend into the collapsed area in an attempt to save what is left of their town. Sacrifices will be required, but will they be enough?

The hole is growing…spreading…and the horror within it is growing stronger…

In a small town the residents are afflicted with nosebleeds and headaches. In the middle of town the ground gives way and creates a hole. Roads, house, people, just gone. The townsfolk are looking for answers, but it’s more than they could have imagined.

This read started out at a steady pace and then it got bogged down by conversation. Every little incident induced a cohesive talkative segue that led to more action and sometime inaction. I’m not an overly chatty person so, I notice it in books when characters talk everything out.

The reasoning behind the “hole” was a little vague during the story and kept you guessing, but wrapped up neatly (too neatly) at the end.

The characters were trademark; the town drunk, the black-past outcast, the doddering bigoted old lady, the caring doctor, and so on.

I liked it, but it didn’t knock my socks off. The writing itself was solid. The story had an old school feel to it which kinda fell short for me. 3 Stars

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