{Review} Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula? by William Massa

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Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?

by William Massa


WHO MURDERED DRACULA? Many had tried to destroy the Count over the centuries. All had failed. Until now! Eight vampires gather at their maker’s castle to solve the mystery. But death awaits them. 

SURVIVE THE DAY! The sun rises over the chateau, a voice cries out. Another vampire is slain. Trapped, the sun burning bright outside, Dracula’s children face a mysterious killer who plans on picking them off one by one. A killer who knows all their secrets. All their weaknesses. 

As daylight reigns and their numbers dwindle, a dark suspicion grows – could the murderer be hiding in plain sight?

My Take On It:
Dracula has been killed, burned to death by the blistering sun and all that have been made by him are asked to attend a meeting at his home for a new leader must be chosen. Once there, the vampires vow to find out who is responsible for his demise.
There’s no need to look far, for the killer is amongst them and has a warning for the rest of the vampires:

“By nightfall you’ll all be dead. Fear the light!”

Every vampire comes into question. Before long they are being picked-off one by one. Someone is watching them and knows the weakness’ of vampires.
Suspicion falls on Vincent who used to be a vampire hunter. He was tracking Dracula himself when he was overpowered and turned into the very monster he dedicated his life to kill. One changed, Vincent became a killing machine until he met Sasha, the love of his life, who taught him how to survive without killing humans. Since then, Vincent has kept his distance from the others who live on human blood.
But to find the killer, Vincent may need to turn to old habits if he’s to live to see another night.

I found this read almost Clue-like in its scenario of a group of people, vampires in this case, all in one house looking for a killer who might be in the master bedroom ready to kill with a stake to the heart or an arrow through the chest.
The story moved fast and kept my attention and there was one part that did surprise me, in a good way. I would have liked it if I’d gotten to know more about the other vampires before their time was up. I was intrigued by the little that was told of Sebastian and his past. I felt Faust got exactly what he deserved. However, Zane got on my nerves and was the least liked character for me. His parts were overdone and I rolled my eyes a couple of times.
All in all this was an easy read that flew by. The pacing was tight and kept the story interesting up until the last page. A satisfying ending made this a worthy read. For me, this story fell along the lines of a paranormal mystery. I look forward to reading what this Indie author has in store next.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


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