Guest Review: Dark County by Kit Tinsley


Lincolnshire, a place of beauty and peace, but also a place of bleakness and violence. In this collection of short stories, Amazon bestselling horror writer, Kit Tinsley explores the darkness at the centre of the countryside. The ten tales within cover many aspects of the horror genre, from the supernatural to all too human evil.


Sophomore author Kit Tinsley here presents ten short stories that are themed by their shared setting near his hometown in the English countryside. It’s a quality basis on which to form a collection, and certainly falls within the scope of the old adage to write about what you know. The stories vary in terms of their sub-genre so everything from the classical ghost story through to crazy madmen can be found.

I enjoyed some far more than others – even if that is to be expected in a short story collection – with HOODIES, THE HOUSE BY THE MARSH and FEAR THY NEIGHBOUR being my favourites. Others were a bit too predictable with my horror-saturated mind picking up what was going to happen fairly early in each tale. One definite exception to this is WHAT GROWS IN THE FAR FIELD, which was so off the wall when compared to the other shorts in Dark County that I found myself nodding appreciatively.

Through the tales, Tinsley moulds the county of Lincolnshire into a presence that hovers like a spectre over proceedings. But too many of the stories seem to lack the visceral punch that would have really hammered home the horror of what he revealed. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way his final tale, A CAMPFIRE TALE, ends.

Overall this is a solid read that will appeal more to fans of atmospheric scares than those seeking gore soaked bloodshed.

3 Never Ending Fields of Isolation for Dark County.

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