Vampire Guts in Nuke Town by Kevin Strange – Review


Vampire Guts in Nuke Town by Kevin Strange

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Guts was a family man until a virus started infecting people, turning them into monsters. “The Infestation” progressed quickly and the government, seeing no way to contain it, decided to set off nuclear missiles that caused extreme radiation. The radiation filters the sun in such a way that its rays are hazardous to the viral-vampires and the humans. The vampires flash-burn and humans, over time, start to mutate.

Guts wakes up in a motel with no memory and some chick knocking at the door asking for help. He knows better than to answer, but he hasn’t been with a woman in a while, he’s feeling frisky. From that moment on we, the reader, are thrown into some sick, titty-twisting, nipple/neck-biting shit. There are queens who want to suffocate you with their tentacles while injecting eggs into your belly and ejaculating Pogs (creatures who wear human faces as masks to blend in) shoot jello-jism that ignites once lit.

There’s some new, intelligent vampires, making big plans, but Guts is just as big and just as bad and he’s on a mission to eliminate every one of them in this apocalyptic tale featuring real bloodsuckers who only want you for their next meal.

This read was not “as” bizarro as some of Kevin’s other reads which was kinda unexpected, but in a good, “go on with yo bad self,” kinda way. There was a lull in the story after the halfway point when Guts (who I kept picturing as Duke Nuke ‘Em) was trying to get his mind right, and a few repetitive fight scenes that took away from the impact and pacing of the read.

With that being said, this was a fun, freak-filled read that I’d easily recommend to seasoned bizarro readers and those interested in dipping their toes into new, infectious waters.

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