Review – Crawl by Edward Lorn

Juliet only wants to get away from her cheating husband, Colton. She can’t seem to get rid of the images of him with another woman from her mind. A trip to her mother’s is supposed to provide her with the time she needs to see whether she can forgive him or not. On a lonely road with a Mercury on their tail, Colton won’t be the only thing she needs to escape from. When evil comes, you’ll do what you must. Even if you have to

Juliet! Oh, how she jumped off the pages and sat in my living room telling me about this bastard, Colton. Befriending me with her jibes and introspection that had me chuckling aloud as she rode along beside him, trying to keep her rage in check. She was real to me and I applaud the author for every demonstration of his superior skill at characterization. I’ll have to read a few more stories from E. to cement this in stone. Colton was your typical cheater, wanting to blame the wounded party, but he kept up his end of the dialogue. The pacing was perfect and the story flowed with ease until the last climatic scene. Edward is a storyteller. A teller of stories. And if you like stories, check out the way he does it. You won’t be disappointed (At least, I don’t think you will). A particular part make me think of Jeepers Creepers, but I’m not going to spoil this one for you with any details of the… Nope! You have to read it. Another great tale by Edward Lorn.

 *I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

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