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{Author Interview} Garrett Cook

 Garrett Cook was born in Wenham, Massachusetts July 19th, 1982. There are other details, but they’re depressing or banal, with the exception of his haunted birthplace, his struggle with bipolar and a brief, unfortunate cancer scare. Yawn. Garrett Cook’s work is far more interesting. He examines crises of faith and conscience through a pulpy,surreal or magorealistic lens to create magical, paranoid worlds that he hopes will entertain, antagonize and endear you. His books Murderland part 1:h8, Murderland 2:Life During Wartime and Archelon Ranch and Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective are available on Amazon. He is one of the creators and editors of the magazine Imperial Youth Review.

Do you do this writing thing full time or must you get your hustle on?

{GC} I try to write full time, but mostly I make my money as a freelance editor. I do proofreads, development edits and pitch consultations. You can find out more at


Where did your interest in bizarro come from?

{GC) I grew up with Doctor Seuss, weird cult cinema, poems by Edward Lear and Ogden Nash, world mythology and comic books. This led me to wanting to combine diverse, strange and pulpy influences to create work that’s completely my own. Bizarro was the ideal genre for getting away with this.


What’s next on your TBR shelf?

{GC} Right now, it’s Homer, Virgil, Dunsany and a whole lot of Deadite Press.


Name a book that has stayed with you long after you’ve finished it.

{GC} Let’s say Dracula.


Time Pimp wasn’t just a “fun” read, it was so much more.  Did you know from the start that you wanted your main character to learn and grow as a person and not just a pimp?

{GC} He kind of had to. I don’t really dig conventional manhood and for somebody to come from a context of machismo, I couldn’t let him come out of this looking awesome. Also, since this was heavily inspired by Doctor Who, I wanted him to start off being kind of the opposite of The Doctor. Whereas The Doctor does not solve problems with sex and violence, Time Pimp can therefore only solve problems with sex and violence, so he’s got a lot to learn.


Was it hard to juggle all those amazing characters?

{GC} Not really. Murderland is a world with a lot more internal logic and has a lot more characters to keep track of, in comparison, Time Pimp has a pretty small cast.


Which character was your favorite to write?

{GC} I liked Sister Cecilia and her world. She’s a beautiful, inspiring character and Geburah felt to me like a place that was, in its own way, a loving and sacred place.


If Time Pimp was a movie, who would play Death Pimp, Time Pimp’s brother?

Christopher Lee.

Those are some pimped out sideburns.


Have you ever experienced the hatred of a hater?

{GCI have had quite the Rogue’s Gallery.

{HAD} I had to look this up. I thought you were talking about some kind of museum. Wiki saved me from complete derp-age. The Rogues Gallery is the term for the various villains that Batman has faced over the years for all of you who didn’t know. Now ya know.


Where did you get your information about Playa’s and Pimps?

{GC} I edited/ ghostwrote a book for a pimp once. It never saw print, I think because we live in a fundamentally just and loving universe.


Have you ever owned pimp shoes?

No. But I do own an octopus jar.


What’s your favorite line from Time Pimp?

{GC} “Just tell a good story.”


If you could play the role of one actor/actress in a movie, who would you be and what movie would you play in?

Peter Cushing’s Doctor Blyss in Night Creatures. Or Professor Van Helsing.


What’s next on Garrett Cook’s timeline?

{GC} I’m working on the last pieces for a collection, a haunted house novel and Murderland part 4.


Need some editing done? You can find out more at


Thank you, Garrett, for taking the time to answer our questions.


You can find Mr. Cook at the following locales

Twitter: @GarrettACook



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