{Review} Hillary: Tail of the Dog by Angel Gelique

on December 31, 2012
Pages: 243
Format: eBook
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Hillary Greyson, just 15 years old, has been kidnapped and is now being experimented on by Dr. Morrison, his wife Monica, and a psychiatrist, Dr. Bentley.
She can’t remember who she is or how she came to be naked, strapped to a bed, an unwilling patient. But her captives do and maybe it’s best if she never remembers. Some things are best left forgotten.

The writing was surprisingly good. A few errors, but really well done.

The idea was also a good one. The execution though, left a lot to be desired.

The plot, however, was minimal. I was creating scenarios in my head of how she was a vampire or a wolf and has been killing the townsfolk and she wakes us after each transformation with her memory gone and the doctors are running tests to see if she can be cured. Not bad, right? Oh, how disappointed I was to trudge (that might be too harsh) through over half of this read to find out that there was no big “bang!” and no I didn’t-see-that-coming moments. It was one long torture-fest which I have to say was over-done. Anyone exercising some demons here?

For a seasoned horror reader this story missed the mark. The fear, dread, and anticipation needed to make this story a truly frightening read was non-existent. The way the author tried to keep the reader in suspense as to why’s of why she was really there and what they were doing were offset by the fact that the scenes of the room and the doctors kept being repeated with only tiny variations which dulled the impact of what was happening for the reader.

The pacing of the first half was slow and never really varied. This was also a problem for me.

This played out like a typical “B” movie where I would be yelling at the characters on screen for falling for the evil bitch’s manipulations and how dumb the doctor was for removing her bonds.

Like I said, the writing was well done, I just wish that there were more twists and a varying pace. There’s talent here and I suppose that’s why I’m so critical.

Much success, Angel Gelique~

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