{Review} The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig

Published by Angry Robot Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
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I liked it, but it wore me so.
Too many folks messing up the show.
The story was dark, the story was grim,
but I like this author, you should try him.
The writing was solid.
Had a nice flow.
Incomplete sentences are a go.
There were snake people who bit,
and licked and spit.
Touch their venom and you are hit.
Mookie is the muscle man.
Loyal to a fault. Keep to the plan.
He’s bad and badder when he’s blazing.
The action scenes were quite amazin’.
Nora hated her daddy so,
the chip on her shoulder just had to go.
Even though the war was won.
The ending wasn’t a happy one.

by Nikki

The story started out a wee bit slow (first 30%). I guess it was the new series? syndrome, where you have to educate the reader of the goings on and whatnot. It picked up and had a steady flow (sometimes breakneck) and I wonder why I still felt the story went on too long (stumped). Some characters were more interesting than others. Mookie, in particular, seemed like he should have been a secondary as he wasn’t very likable or maybe he was just seriously flawed (all muscle, no brains) and I like my characters more Alpha and less Forrest Gump. Still a good read for all its originality (even though I kept thinking Harry Potter for the snake people and blazes. Didn’t they have to put some gook on their eyes to see–Whatever).

I’ve read better from Mr. Wendig

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