{Review} Days Gone Bad (Vesik, #1) by Eric R. Asher

Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
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I’m just going to jump right in.

The plot was weaker than a newborn baby’s neck. The story had no forward moving plot points to get the story going. At 30% we finally get moving. Oh, so, slowly.

The main character, Damian, likes to joke a lot. A lot of said jokes came across forced and fell flat.

This read had a definite newbie vibe to it. There were time jumps, scenes where not enough info was given, no-depth characters, and repeated words/phrases.

To top it off, Damian, the fledgling necromancer, could barely cast a spell (or whatever he’s supposed to do) and he’s been at this for how many years? Consequently, I found this novel lacking on multiple levels and I’ll not be continuing the series.

It’s been days since I read it and all I remember are the fairies.

Just because it wasn’t my favorite flavor, doesn’t mean it won’t be yours.


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