{Review} The Lucifer Glass by Frazer Lee

Pages: 51
Format: eBook
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Daniel Gates is a fixer. He’ll get want you want if the price is right.
His last mission went awry and some lines were crossed, but the employer asks for one more quest. If he completes it, he will be paid handsomely and the issues from his last job will be taken care of.

Daniel accepts, seeing as he’s only supposed to transport a book to an island and in exchange he’s supposed to acquire some special whiskey.

Things don’t go quite like he planned and the trip turns out to be more than Daniel bargained for as a mystery unfolds and choices are made that will determine more than just a paycheck. Daniel will be fighting for his very soul.

The Lucifer Glass started out slow, but built to a strong, steady tempo as Daniel became aware of just what was happening. This read would not have been as strong if Mr. Lee hadn’t written such a believable character.

The Lucifer Glass had a Twilight Zone feel to it that made you question what was imagined and what was real. I’d definitely read something by Frazer Lee again.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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