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Review of Rogue by Greg F. Gifune

by Greg F. Gifune
Published by Darkfuse on May 6, 2014
Genres: Horror
Pages: 218
Format: eBook
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Cameron Horne has it all, an intelligent, beautiful and loving wife, a great home and a successful and important career. His life is the American Dream come true. Until things begin to change.

Without warning, he exhibits strange behavior he can't seem to control, loses time and memories, has horrific nightmares and finds blood on his hands that may or may not be his own.

When a mysterious young man who seems to know the future begins appearing in Cameron's backyard, things go from bad to worse. As voices and visions flood his mind, and shadowy figures watch his every move, something deep inside him comes awake, manifesting in acts of extreme rage and violence.

Is he losing his mind, or is something evil stalking him, possessing him from within and turning Cam from the mild-mannered man he's always been into someone else…something else…

The truth is coming for Cameron Horne, and there's going to be Hell to pay.

This was an ARC from Netgalley.

Welcome to one man’s journey into madness.
We all know the stresses of making it in the world today, those seemingly insurmountable challenges of careers and relationships Fate throws our way. Is it enough to drive a man to the frayed edge of sanity, where Reality itself becomes a waking nightmare? Or is he by demons driven? You decide, in this tale of madness and all the mayhem it brings. Gifune knows what makes us tick, knows what it is that makes our minds jump the track. He knows the fear of losing control, of mind, body and soul, that haunts us all, and he brings that knowledge to bear in this powerful tale that cements his place as one of the most quietly powerful authors in the business.

Highest recommendation possible.
This one is off the charts, people.

About Greg F. Gifune

Called “One of the best writers of his generation” by both the Roswell Literary Review and author Brian Keene, GREG F. GIFUNE is the author of numerous short stories, several novels, screenplays and two short story collections (HERETICS and DOWN TO SLEEP). His work has been published all over the world, consistently praised by readers and critics alike, received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and The Midwest Book Review (among others) and has recently garnered interest from Hollywood. His novels include CHILDREN OF CHAOS, DOMINION, THE BLEEDING SEASON, DEEP NIGHT, BLOOD IN ELECTRIC BLUE, SAYING UNCLE, A VIEW FROM THE LAKE, NIGHT WORK, DRAGO DESCENDING, CATCHING HELL, JUDAS GOAT and LONG AFTER DARK. Greg resides in Massachusetts with his wife Carol and a bevy of cats.
He can be reached online at: or through his official web site at:

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