{Review} Sow by Tim Curran

by Tim Curran
Published by Darkfuse Pages: 89
Format: eBook
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With this seed I do sow.
Seeds of evil do grow,
within my loins do they burrow.
For in the sowing of my oats.
A force took over to corrupt.
I did not get to say my goodbyes.
It smothered my soul in the blink of an eye.

by Nikki

The story of Holly being taken over by an entity during her pregnancy is a sad one. Her and her husband Richard didn’t seem to have a chance at fighting what was stealing their happiness and ruining their family.

I think that is the reason this read did not get more stars. It was hopeless. When Richard thought he could be strong, the witch would implant some images in his mind to cow him.

The descriptions were well done, but his execution is still off. Where were the twists and hills? We walked a predictable line to a predictable ending. There were no detours or unexpected hail-Mary’s. And having the baby name be Damien was lame.

Still, Tim is a good writer. I just expect more. I can see his work on the big screen like King. He just needs some hidden doorways and forks in the road.

About Tim Curran

Tim Curran hails from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He is the author of the novels Skin Medicine, Hive, Dead Sea, Resurrection, Hag Night, The Devil Next Door, Long Black Coffin, Graveworm, and Biohazard. His short stories have been collected in Bone Marrow Stew and Zombie Pulp. His novellas include Fear Me, The Underdwelling, The Corpse King, Puppet Graveyard, Sow, and Worm. His short stories have appeared in such magazines as City Slab, Flesh&Blood, Book of Dark Wisdom, and Inhuman, as well as anthologies such as Flesh Feast, Shivers IV, High Seas Cthulhu, and Vile Things.

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