{Review} Truck Stop by John Penney

Pages: 138
Format: eBook
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Roger, a guitarist, hasn’t been the best father to his little girl, Lilly, but he plans to change all that. After this last gig out of town, he plans to settle down and play at a local bar so he’ll only be gone from her a short time each night.

Roger is a day late when he finally arrives to pick up Lilly from her drug-using mother. He finds his daughter standing outside, waiting alone with her back pack and stuffed rabbit.

After putting some miles on the highway, Roger decides to stop and grab something at a truck stop while his daughter sleeps in the back seat.

From here, things get real.

I found the beginning of this read to be a little slow even though I knew it was building to some big climatic scene that never seemed to come.

Roger’s first mistake didn’t have him winning any father of the year awards and I couldn’t get past what started this whole fiasco in the first place. It was like he knew it was wrong, but did it anyway.

The secondary character did nothing for the story and were used as props for when the finger-pointing started.

This book was a firm 2 star “okay” read until the ending came and I couldn’t help but bump it up. It worked for me.

I would like to try something else by this author to see if his writing has improved or if it varies.

A good read that could have been better.



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