{Review} Ceremony of Flies by Kate Jonez

by Kate Jonez
Published by Darkfuse on July 8th 2014
Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller
Pages: 232
Format: eARC
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This was an eARC provided by DarkFuse through NetGalley.

An interesting if odd melding of the thriller and horror genres, Ceremony of Flies starts frenetically and never lets up the pace as two mismatched criminals find themselves playing foster parents to a very odd little boy. Stranger and stranger things assail the group, until it becomes all too apparent this is not a roadtrip through the desert that all (if any) of them are likely to return from.

Kate Jonez opts for the first-person limited perspective which makes for a read that is both mysterious and baffling at turns. Little, if anything is ever properly explained, as Kitty, the unreliable narrator, almost never understands what is occurring around her. She is also shown to be stone-cold killer right from the outset – with the events that made her so cavalier with regard to human life only sparsely spoken of or otherwise hinted at. This makes it difficult for the reader to connect with her, even in the chaotic later sections of the book. Her travelling companion, Rex, is much the same, though his redemptive arc is simpler and expressed more directly.

In the end, there is great deal that happens in Ceremony of Flies – even if it is left to the reader to do much of the heavy-lifting in working out what was happening all along. Some readers will enjoy painting their own interpretations onto Kitty’s perspective; while others will be less enthused to relax in such a manner. As such, this is recommended to those who prefer thing unwrapped and not neatly tied up by the end of their reads.

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