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{Guest Post} Writing to Music by Mark Matthews

Writing to Music:

The Sounds of MILK-BLOOD

Music has played a huge role in the evolution of horror. Soundtracks make watching a movie such as Halloween or Phantasm a full body experience.  Darkness has a tone all its own.

But the sounds of darkness are present in fiction as well. The music is there as you read, and it is there while I write. For each book I have written, I have used a soundtrack to capture the tone of the novel.

My novel STRAY was written to the Velvet Underground song Heroin, The Jade Rabbit to A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, and On the Lips of Children was written to the music of The White Stripes (all the words are gonna bleed from me…)

I don’t pay much attention to the lyrics white writing to music, but the tone seeps into my head. The beat of the song matches the beat of my sentence. The music becomes the backdrop the characters live within. It paints the walls of their home, the color of their sunsets, and fills the water that they drink.

My recent release, MILK-BLOOD, was written to the song In A Gadda Da Vida. When I sat down for a long stretch of writing, I stuck a pair of Dr. Dre Power Beats over my ears and kept the hypnotizing song on repeat, listening again and again and again.

I wanted In A Gadda Da Vida to rise up from the cement cracks on the character’s street. I wanted it to be heard through the broken window panes of the abandoned homes where they live. Eventually, I made sure to inject the beat straight into their veins.

When you read MILK-BLOOD, you may hear the beat of a different drummer, but if you listen closely, you’ll also hear In A Gadda Da Vida in the background. I hope you enjoy it. It just may sound unlike anything you’ve ever read in a long time.


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“The originality and tension is evident on every page. Matthews takes you to some very dark places, twists and turns, with the rabbit hole going deeper and deeper, until there is no way out. Not for the faint of heart, this story of love, loss, family and acceptance is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish”
~Richard Thomas, author of Staring Into the Abyss

“This is a helluva story. A discomforting tale of true inner city horrors, told by characters so real they pop off the page. Add the supernatural mix to the story and it really grabs you by the throat. Very much recommended.”

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