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{Review} Time of Death: Induction by Shana Festa

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

by Shana Festa
Published by Permuted Press Genres: Apocalyptic
Pages: 222
Format: eBook
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Emma, the main character, is the driving force behind this apocalyptic zombie read. With her snarkety attitude, the love of her dog, Daphne, and her adoring husband, Jake, Emma must make choices that can be life or death for herself and others as other survivors come together to survive a horde of the undead.

No one, and I mean no one, is safe.

The story was tight and the writing flowed fluidly, making this an almost perfectly paced piece.

I enjoyed this read and my only hope is that Emma will become more matured as time passes. Shana was not afraid to put her characters in impossible situations which held a lot of appeal for me and kept the surprises/thrills going.

Also, I am not a dog-lover and I wasn’t as interested in parts involving Daphne. I’m sure other pet-lovers will find those part pleasing.

I will definitely be reading the next in this series to see how Shana’s skills improve and where the story goes from here.

***Full Disclosure- I know this lady.***

This is her first book. Knowing this and having beta-read it, I think she did a wonderful job. This read is better than a lot of seasoned writers that I have read.

About Shana Festa

Shana Festa was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 17, 1976 and grew up in Northboro, Massachusetts. She currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband and two dogs, Daphne & Casey.

Shana is a registered nurse with clinical experience in mental health, geriatrics, HIV and substance abuse. In addition to her clinical background, Shana possesses over 15 years of experience with project management and data analytics.

Under her alter ego, The Bookie Monster, Shana reviews horror and paranormal books, with an emphasis on (but not limited to) zombie fiction. With a background in Psych Nursing, Shay brings her unique perspective to the literary community.

Shana loves hearing from readers. Visit her author website, for more information on Shana and her writing. She can also be found on Twitter, @BookieMonsterSF, and Facebook,

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