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Summer of Zombie Guest – Jaime Johnesee


Why Bob? Why Not?

When I sat down to write Bob I was looking to expand on a character I had written into an earlier novel. He was the outline of a friend of mine named Nate and I fleshed him out by adding my own life experiences, and humor, to him. Bob is the sort of guy who will do anything he can to cheer up a sad friend. He’s the sort of fellow that stops to help people stranded on the side of the road and the sort of sap that winds up getting shot in the face because… Well, what would you do if a zombie showed up and asked if you needed help changing a flat tire on a deserted country road?

He is a very different zombie that stands apart in today’s landscape of mindless brain-munchers. Bob is basically the same guy he was when he died. He was raised from death by a necromancer and is just your average rotting dude with a good heart and caring soul. Unfortunately he’s also a magnet for bad luck, he inherited that from me. In truth, I used quite a lot of myself in writing Bob. Mostly because I have a legendary ability to attract unheard of amounts of bad luck all at once. In fact, I use one bad-luck-streak day of my own in each Bob book. The fun part, to me at any rate, is that Bob always does his best to laugh off these streaks. He doesn’t wallow in self pity –for long– and he doesn’t blame anyone for his troubles. When I am having a bad luck streak that is tearing my good mood into pieces I can always sit down and write about Bob. Writing him never fails remind me to look on the bright side of life.

You’re probably wondering what sort of bright spot there is to a guy who is dead, rotting, and trapped this way for eternity. The answer is simple: Bob takes pleasure in the little things in life –er, unlife rather– things like Taco Bell and Pepsi Slurpees. A favorite song coming on over the radio can cheer him up and bring him right out of a bad funk. In death, and rebirth, he learned that one must find something to cling to in order to get through the pain and, for Bob, it is those tiny things in life that he likes best.

He’s not your average zombie, and he’s not out to hurt anyone. He lives in a world that is mostly in the dark about supernatural creatures and anyone who sees him pretty much just assumes he is a hardcore fan of the genre. While this occasionally saddens him he is grateful for the ability to be amongst people without the fear of being shot so he tends to let them think he is just a special effects makeup artist with a passion for looking like a corpse.

The series is taking Bob, and me, to places I never would have imagined and I enjoy crafting new scenes and meeting the new people, and creatures, Bob’s world brings my way. He’s a lovable guy with a great heart and a penchant for dancing. If you’re looking for zom-poc this series doesn’t have any of that. If you’re looking to read about a dead man with rotten luck and a great outlook on life well, then, step right up and meet Bob.

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