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{Review} Crash by Sean Platt and David Wright

on June 26, 2014
Genres: Dark Fiction
Pages: 173
Format: eBook
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This read wasn’t the “horror” read I thought it was going to be although what was contained in these pages would be considered horrific for anyone who has gone through such a thing. I can’t fathom what the loss of a child would do to me mentally.

This story is about Thomas and his wife who have lost a child. Each are coping or not coping with the loss in their own way.

Thomas listens to the radio and shows up at car crash scenes hoping it will help him remember what his mind has blocked out. In every picture he takes at the site, Thomas sees a man standing next to the victims that no one else can see. This makes Thomas question his own sanity. Is what he sees really real? Will his wife leave him or will he be able to stay married and try again at having a family?

The story was very compelling, but I felt it dragged on a bit. I’m thinking it was the pacing.

The paranormal element was just the right touch to keep the reader guessing. However, the ending lacked in luster due to the fact that Thomas “told” the reader the truth and jarringly took me, the reader, out of this moment that was supposed to be a wowing reveal.

I liked it, but I needed a little “more” to love it than what I read.

I will try something else by these authors.

*I was given a copy in exchange for a honest review*

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