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{Review} A House in the Country by Matt Shaw

on June 23, 2014
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Pages: 79
Format: eBook
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What happened?! It was all there just waiting to be used. The set-up, the characters, the backstory. Whaaaaat happened?

Nothing. Nothing happened.

My gosh. I thought this was going to be a winner to the nth degree. Shaw grabbed me with this family moving into this awesome new house. The husband, just wanting to provide for his family. A wife who wants to make her husband happy and two little girls who are going to finally have their own rooms.

The littlest girl has bad dreams and her “dreams” get worse when they move into the new house. Dean, her father blows everything off as coincidence when strange things begin happening in the house.

His wife, Jess, goes along with it all until she experiences some of the terror firsthand. Mind you, these scary micro-seconds (because that’s what they were) were so supertastically creepy that my stomach would tighten and then let up immediately because we were already moving on in the story. Okay, I dealt with this because I just knew the ending was going to blow the roof off this mutha…watch your mouth.

What I got for my patience was a rushed, unsatisfying, and weak ending. This read had so much potential. About halfway through the story stopped progressing and became a little repetitious, but the author had already hooked me and I needed to know how it all ended.

I’m torn between 2 and 3 stars. I liked it while I was reading it, but as soon as I got done I felt like the build up was not worth the end result.

For the little thrills, it was worth the price.

I give the author props for drawing me in.

I will definitely have to read something else by this author.

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