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{Review} Lesser Creatures by Peter Giglio

Published by Darkfuse on November 30, 2013
Genres: Horror
Pages: 208
Format: eBook
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Lesser Creatures is a story of loss, love, and the undead. The undead in this read are called “second-lifers” who are not the ravenous, flesh-eating bodies with teeth we have come to know and shoot in the head.

These SL’s are a drain on the community and are a stain that can’t be washed away for some who feel like there’s no one home in these bodies and to treat them like humans is a unnecessary strain on society. Not everyone feel this way though.

Although I found the idea of second-lifers appealing and original, I felt like the story didn’t move like a normal zombie read would. There was really no run-for-your-life moments that made you concerned for the character. It was a slow read.

It didn’t help that I didn’t like the main character.

What is a story when it’s just a story? No highs, no lows.

I didn’t dislike it, but it did nothing for me.

The writing was solid, I just needed more flashing lights.

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