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{Review} The Sentinel (A Jane Harper Horror Novel) by Jeremy Bishop

Published by 47North on July 9, 2013
Genres: Horror, Supernatural
Pages: 278
Format: eBook
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I had fun with this one due to the main character, Jane, whose wit and skill left nothing to be desired. She was strong, but not overly so. Super-witty with some movie/tv/people references that tickled my funny bone.

There was action. Plenty of it to be exact. Lots of players lost their lives. The author did not make it easy on anyone.

This is just one of those reads that you come across and enjoy your time with it, giving you a renewed zest to pick up more books.

A fun-filled, blood-soaked adventure.

I’m glad I gave this author a try.

I have an incurable book addiction and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I will buy a book based on its cover alone. I love promoting authors. I am... the Ultimate Reader.


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