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{Review} Suffer the Flesh by Monica J. O’Rourke

Published by Biting Dog Publications on December 30, 2014
Genres: Extreme Horror
Pages: 144
Format: eBook
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Let’s be real. This was a book filled with rape. Rape-ity, Rape, Raper-age. The reason for the rape was supposedly for scientific purposes, but was really for folks who had enough money to pay for women to be kidnapped in order for them to be beat, raped, and tortured to their heart’s desire.
I kept thinking there was more to this read, but alas, it was not. It is what the title suggests. The plot was thinner than the cheapest tissue and even I, Nikki who loves the dark stuff, felt like I needed to say some Hail Mary’s and apologize to abused women everywhere for reading this. I get a slight reprieve because I did not “like” it.
There was one part that really twisted my wig. The main chick had been raped repeatedly and practically gutted, but she felt a little compassion from one of the guards and decided she wanted to have sex and get real pleasure out of it. If that was my beat up and bloody va-jay-jay, I would have been too afraid to even pee (which she was at one point). One of those, “what the frisbee” moments.
Ms. O’Rourke’s writing was not the problem. Sorry, but this is a no on the execution of the subject matter. It could have been awesome if it was a BDSM thing and the pain was voluntary.
This was some woman’s nightmare come to life.

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