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{Review} Jade Sky by Patrick Freivald

by Patrick Freivald
Published by JournalStone Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Urban Fantasy

The following is based on an ecopy of the book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Opening in the midst of a significant firefight and rarely letting up the pace for more than a brief gasp of badly-needed air, Jade Sky follows a group of augmented commandos who work to make the world safer by ridding it of a nasty drug by the name of Jade. Along the way they battle other augmented foes that have gone mad as a result of their augmentations, and whom need to be stopped in a permanent way if “norms” are going to be able to sleep safely in their beds. Led by main character, effective soldier and pending family man, Matt Rowley, the commandos soon find themselves uncovering evidence of a conspiracy that explains more than they could have imagined whilst threatening the very existence of the world.

So there’s the set up. If you’re thinking that sounds fairly lacking in horror, you’d be right on at least one level. Jade Sky is less of a horror novel and more of an action, thriller, urban fantasy hybrid with the odd supernatural element thrown in for good measure. It mostly works and works well, though it does get a bit lost in developing its own mythos at times. And though it may not be a horror, author Patrick Freivald describes some impressive brutality as his characters bend, rend, tear and pulverize each other beyond human recognition. The action scenes are all of particularly high quality, Matt Rowley is well-developed and easy to empathise with, and there seems to be enough here to warrant further adventures in the world Freivald has created (which seems to be the plan). The writing is also very solid, never detracting from what is unfolding on the page and drawing the reader along toward a conclusion that most will be satisfied with.

Fans of Jonathon Maberry’s Joe Ledger series should be especially pleased and are recommended to seek Jade Sky out sooner rather than later.

3.5 Bonked Bonks for Jade Sky.


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