{Review} Ghosts of Eden by Keith Deininger

by Keith Deininger
Published by Darkfuse on NOv 4th 2014
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Horror
Pages: 185 pages
Format: eARC
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Not an easy short novel to rate and review, Keith Deininger’s latest DarkFuse publication is less of a horror and more of a dark fantasy which again showcases his considerable imagination. The plot – essentially involving two young people brought to the middle of nowhere (when their families are killed or disown them) for reasons that become increasingly sinister – is anything but straight forward. Deininger teases the reader with a weird and wonderful prologue that sets the tone for the novel, then follows it up with some mind-bending scenes that at times blend reality, dreams, nightmares and alternate realities. Doors that open on different places, slithering things within the dark, weaponised pointers, and a man with candles arranged around the brim of his hat are just some of the oddities awaiting readers within Ghosts of Eden.

It takes quite a while for things to becomes (somewhat) clear, so this is not a simple read. Truth be told, toward the end of Ghosts of Eden I had to go back and re-read a few sections to get a better handle on what was happening, illustrating that this requires a little more thought than your typical Sunday afternoon relaxer. But the ride is worth the effort, especially for those that enjoy reads where they never really know where they stand.

3.5 Not-Quite Cheshire Cats for Ghosts of Eden.

The preceding is based on an eARC obtained through Netgalley courtesy of DarkFuse Publications.

About Keith Deininger

An award-winning writer and poet, Keith Deininger is the author of THE NEW FLESH, FEVERED HILLS, MARROW’S PIT (March 2014), and GHOSTS OF EDEN (Nov. 2014). He grew up in the American Southwest and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and their four dogs. He is a skeptic and a bit cynical.

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