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Author Spotlight: Eric A. Shelman {Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014}


 Dead Hunger VII_The Reign of Isis




Your name.   

What the hell do you need my name for?  Are you from the guv’ment?   Okay.  Better that people know it.  Eric A. Shelman.  And no … the “A” isn’t for Asshole.  (It’s for Asswipe.)



Why zombies? 

People seem to like zombies.  Some people ONLY read zombies.  That kinda baffles me, but to each their own.   As a reader, though, I read everything King and Koontz and Follett (okay, not horror but GREAT) write, and it does not matter one shit-whit to me whether it’s about a rabid dog, a crazed book reviewer, a dome over a town, a hired assassin, a zombie epidemic transmitted over cell phones, or a haunted hotel.   It’s fucking HORROR, and I love it all.  I just watched Day of the Dead last night, and it was pretty fun.   Have I gone off track?    Yeah, probably.  Anyway.  That is why zombies.  Isn’t that enough?  



What is your latest zombie release? 

Well, “The Camera: Bloodthirst” is my latest actual release and it does have some walking dead in it … but it’s more of a “Reanimator” type story than a zombie tale.  The latest zombie novel I released was earlier in 2014, called “Dead Hunger VII: The Reign of Isis.”  It’s (obviously – WTF?) the seventh in my zombie series.   It’s the first book in the series that has received 54 5-star reviews to start out – NOTHING less.   STOKED, I am.  I recommend reading this stuff, like yesterday.



Quick description of it. 

It’s set 13 years after my previous novel; the reason being that I needed some very special babies to grow up so that they could really get involved and tell a harrowing story of a villain called Maestro.  He’s the guy on the cover of book #7 and let me tell you – if you want to read an intense, non-stop story with a shitload of zombies doing extraordinary things, read this series – and finally, this BOOK!



Something unique about it.  

 EVERYTHING about my Dead Hunger series is unique:   1.) The cause of the epidemic;   2.) The reason YOU didn’t turn;  3.) How you can melt them into goo;  4.) What you can take to “walk among them” for a while;   5.) The female characters could kick your ass AND mine – probably at the same time; and 6.) Everything else that happens.



Links for people to buy it.



Your promo links.



Your short Bio.


Eric is a native Texan who was corrupted in southern California from his early teens all the way to his 40s, when he up and left with his wife and moved to Florida.   As of the DAY of this writing, Eric and Linda have been married for 28 years.  He wrote his first book in 1994, it was published in 1999, wrote his first zombie novel, Dead Hunger: The Flex Sheridan Chronicle, in 2011, and is NOW working toward writing full time.  He’ll need your help to do that, so … what the hell are ya waiting for?   He loves you.  Isn’t that enough reason to buy everything he’s ever written?   (Including shopping lists … okay, that’s bullshit.  Eric’s never written a shopping list.)  He really does love you, though.   BUY HIS SHIT NOW.



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