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{Review} Oasis of the Damned by Greg F Gifune

by Greg F. Gifune
Published by Darkfuse on December 9th 2014
Genres: Horror
Pages: 76
Format: eARC
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There’s little to no point in another review effusively praising the writing of renowned dark fiction writer, Greg F Gifune. If you’ve visited this site more than a couple of times, you already know about him, know how polished his writing is, and know he doesn’t produce simple and straight forward work.

Oasis of the Damned is no exception to the above rules. Though a very short novella that is easily consumed in a sitting or two, Gifune packs a great deal into its brief number of pages as he tells the story of two individuals who have crashed their aircrafts in the desert and now have to survive when things come out of the night attempting to rend them limb from limb. The narrative is increasingly broken up by the memories and musings of the main POV character as she recalls past painful events that have made her the person she currently is and may have more to do with what is happening than at first appears relevant.

Oasis of the Damned is thought-provoking. Several hours after finishing it, I was still realising other possibilities about what took place that at first I did not consider. My initial reaction was that it got a little lost in the philosophising of the main character toward the story’s conclusion, but the more I think about it, the more (most) aspects of it seem to make sense. That’s clever writing (or I’m just slow on the uptake – take your pick).

So what started as a 3 star review has been bumped to 3.5 as a process of this writing. I’ve never rated Gifune below that score, which given my hard-to-please tastes, is high praise indeed.

3.5 Well-Fortified Ruins for Oasis of the Damned.

The preceding was based on an eARC received from Netgalley courtesy of DarkFuse Publications.

About Greg F. Gifune

Called “One of the best writers of his generation” by both the Roswell Literary Review and author Brian Keene, GREG F. GIFUNE is the author of numerous short stories, several novels, screenplays and two short story collections (HERETICS and DOWN TO SLEEP). His work has been published all over the world, consistently praised by readers and critics alike, received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and The Midwest Book Review (among others) and has recently garnered interest from Hollywood. His novels include CHILDREN OF CHAOS, DOMINION, THE BLEEDING SEASON, DEEP NIGHT, BLOOD IN ELECTRIC BLUE, SAYING UNCLE, A VIEW FROM THE LAKE, NIGHT WORK, DRAGO DESCENDING, CATCHING HELL, JUDAS GOAT and LONG AFTER DARK. Greg resides in Massachusetts with his wife Carol and a bevy of cats.
He can be reached online at: or through his official web site at:

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