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{Review} Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne

{Review} Red Equinox by Douglas Wynneby Douglas Wynne
Published by JournalStone on 1/16/15
Genres: Cosmic Horror, Dark Fiction, Horror
Pages: 330
Format: eBook
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The Red Equinox has dawned, and the old gods who have slept for aeons are stirring.

Urban explorer and photographer Becca Philips was raised in the shadow of Miskatonic University, steeped in the mysteries of her late grandmother’s work in occult studies. But what she thought was myth becomes all too real when cultists unleash terror on the city of Boston. Now she’s caught between a shadowy government agency called SPECTRA and the followers of an apocalyptic faith bent on awakening an ancient evil.

As urban warfare breaks out between eldritch monsters and an emerging police state, she must uncover the secrets of a family heirloom known as the Fire of Cairo to banish the rising tide of darkness before the balance tips irrevocably at the Red Equinox.

I’ve been on somewhat of a cosmic horror binge these last few weeks and I’m happy to report that Red Equinox stands up there with the best of the genre.

I’m not going to get into the plot too much, as several reviews and the synopsis already do. I’m just going to mention a few of my impressions and feelings and leave it at that.

Mr. Wynne makes the Cthulhu mythos his own with this contribution about first resurrecting the language of the Old Gods, and then the Old Gods themselves. They’re not dead, exactly, just in another dimension. For me, the story is always about those humans who live to serve the Old Ones and those dedicated to stopping them. This book was no exception. I especially liked the characters of Becca and Rafael and appreciated the fact that the narrative didn’t lead in all the usual directions.

One thing that flew low on my radar, but did register, was the mention of a company called Limbus. Since I read and enjoyed Limbus, Inc. and noting that it was also from Journalstone, I have to believe that this was on purpose and I felt like I was in on an inside joke.

Lastly, this story was set in a Boston of the future. I found myself wondering why the author set it there and I liked the answers I came up with. There might be a little more going on here than just the Old Ones, but what you find will be up to you and what you want to take from it.

In the midst of a couple of weeks where I’ve read several Lovecraftian titles, Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne stands out as a distinctive voice in the mythos. His style may not be as literary as some, but the gist of the story and the characters are spot on. I hope that he continues to dabble in this genre in the future.

Recommended for fans of cosmic horror!

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is it.*

About Douglas Wynne

Douglas Wynne is the author of the novels The Devil of Echo Lake, Steel Breeze, and Red Equinox. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and son and a houseful of animals just a stone’s throw from H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional town of Arkham. You can find him on the web at at

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