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{Review} THE DEEP, by Michaelbrent Collings

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{Review} THE DEEP, by Michaelbrent Collingsby Michaelbrent Collings
Published by Michaelbrent Collings on July 20, 2015
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Mystery
Pages: 333
Format: eBook
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A woman searching for a sister lost at sea. A man bent on finding lost treasure. A mother who has lost all hope. A maniac who believes all life exists for his pleasure. The man who would keep them all safe.

Together, they will all seek below the waves for treasures long buried, and riches beyond belief. But those treasures hide something. Something ancient, something dark. A creature that exists only to feed on those that would enter into its realm. A creature... of The Deep.

In THE DEEP, we have a set of characters–each with their own, personal reasons–on board a dive ship named The Celeste.  While we get to know the intimate, varying details concerning all, they have one thing in common.

Not one of them expects to find what they come up against.

Michaelbrent Collings does his research.  I was fascinated by the details of deep sea diving–enough for a layman to understand without ever feeling that the information presented was “too much” to take in.  A very well written, thought-provoking story all around with enough gory details to keep the most ardent of horror fans on their toes.

While under water, one character was contemplating the possibility of death by drowning:  “…Knew that drowning was one of the worst possible deaths.  Maybe two minutes of convulsions, vomitting, agony.  Body spewing forth waste and finally succumbing to a dark, lonely death.”

One thing I’ve noticed with just about every novel I’ve read by Michaelbrent Collings is his characterization.  To be fair, there are certain types of stories that can get by without as much–if the action is the main point, and the individuals expendable.  However, I honestly feel that you can make or break a novel by this element.  If you are working with a limited cast of characters, then you virtually HAVE to make the reader feel for them–whether it’s sympathy, despise, love, hate, or fear–the people in the book must become REAL.  They need to evoke true emotion from the reader.  They need to have their own “presence”.  This is an element that Michaelbrent Collings excels in.

Overall, a great novel with terror in the depths of the ocean, and intense moments that kept my mind active all throughout.  I’ll leave you with this parting quote:  “It is not the dark that scares, it is the fact that anything could be in it…and that means we can never understand anything of what it hides.”

Highly recommended!

About Michaelbrent Collings

About Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally-bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award Finalist, and one of the top indie horror writers in the US. He hopes someday to develop superpowers, and maybe get a cool robot arm.

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