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{Review} Andersonville by Edward M. Erdelac

by Edward M. Erdelac
Published by Hydra on 8.18.15
Genres: Historical Fiction, Horror, Supernatural
Pages: 272
Format: eARC
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Georgia, 1864. Camp Sumter, aka Andersonville, has earned a reputation as an open sewer of sadistic cruelty and terror where death may come at any minute. But as the Union prisoners of war pray for escape, cursing the fate that spared them a quicker end, one man makes his way into the camp purposefully.

Barclay Lourdes has a mission—and a secret. But right now his objective is merely to survive the hellish camp. The slightest misstep summons the full fury of the autocratic commander, Captain Wirz, and the brutal Sergeant Turner. Meanwhile, a band of shiftless thieves and criminals known as the “Raiders” preys upon their fellow prisoners. Barclay soon finds that Andersonville is even less welcoming to a black man—especially when that man is not who he claims to be. Little does he imagine that he’s about to encounter supernatural terrors beyond his wildest dreams . . . or nightmares.

Camp Sumter…..the worst prisoner of war camp in the history of the Civil War. A festering hellhole that broke men…body, mind and soul. A place where the evils men do are the key to unleashing an evil long forgotten. One that lies uneasy,beneath the blood soaked earth. An evil that a single brave soul must face…among many others, when he sets foot in the asylum that is Andersonville.

Blending true, historical horrors with the supernatural, allowing the truth to fuel the fiction that fuels the fear, Erdelac has written an engaging novel that delivers.

Highly recommended.

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