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{Review} ODD ADVENTURES WITH YOUR OTHER FATHER, Norman Prentissby Norman Prentiss
Published by Kindle Press on May 31, 2016
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Gay Literature, Paranormal, Psychological Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Thrillers & Suspense
Pages: 217
Format: eBook
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Because one of her fathers died when she was very young, much of Celia's family knowledge comes from stories her surviving father narrates—road-trip adventures from the mid-80s that explore homophobia in a supernatural context. As she considers these adventures (a rescue mission aided by ghostly hallucinations; a secluded town of strangely shaped inhabitants; a movie star with a monstrous secret), Celia uncovers startling new truths about her family's past.

ODD ADVENTURES WITH YOUR OTHER FATHER, by Norman Prentiss, is not a book that fits neatly into any one or two categories. Instead, we have a sometimes humorous, emotional, fantasy/science-fiction, horror, sorrow, supernatural, and even the romance genre thrown into one incredibly spellbinding tale. Sound confusing?

Probably–but once you pick it up, you realize how seamlessly they all blend together. Anyone that “knows” me, realizes that I just do NOT review/read romance novels, so I feel the need to stress that this was not “simply one of those”. Yes, there is a long-time love here that provides the background for the entire tale, but it is a mature, necessary foundation that all the individual scenes are based upon. If I were pressed to put this novel into two words, they would be: Hauntingly Beautiful.

Fourteen year old Celia had two fathers, Jack, and Shawn. Unfortunately, Dad Jack died when she was only four years old. Most of Celia’s “memories” of him are actually tales that Dad Shawn shares with her about their early lives together, in a bigoted 1980’s world. When asked about her family, Celia replies quite simply: “. . . You take what life gives you. Comparisons are never quite as simple as they seem.”

This is her reality. As she grows, Dad Shawn shares more and more of his and Jack’s “reality”. Some of the adventures he dictates are true horror/fantasy. Others are merely the products of an unfortunately homophobic world at that time. Still others graze the genre of supernatural, as well as a unique connection between the two men that allows for Shawn to “see” his partner’s projected thoughts as visions . . .

These adventures recounted to Celia are magical for both she and her father. The question that you may find nagging in the back of your head is, are they magical just for them, or are they TRUE magic . . .

A story of the bonding love between a family, a daughter’s desire to know more about the father she lost at such a young age, the sorrow of the father left behind, and of secrets and truths yet untold. “. . . an even better gift–. . . A true reunion.”

If the ending to this tale isn’t enough to completely envelope your entire mind for a spell, then the magic simply may not have worked for you.

As for myself, it is among the top ten novels I’ve already read this year.

Highest recommendation!

About Norman Prentiss

NORMAN PRENTISS won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for INVISIBLE FENCES, published by Cemetery Dance ( He also won a 2009 Stoker for his short story, “In the Porches of My Ears,” published in POSTSCRIPTS 18. His latest books are THE FLESHLESS MAN from Darkfuse, and FOUR LEGS IN THE MORNING, a collection of three linked stories from Cemetery Dance. Other fiction has appeared in BLACK STATIC, COMMUTABILITY, TALES FROM THE GOREZONE, DAMNED NATION, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, THE YEAR’S BEST DARK FANTASY AND HORROR, and in four editions of the SHIVERS anthology series. His poetry has appeared in WRITER ONLINE, SOUTHERN POETRY REVIEW, Baltimore’s CITY PAPER, and A SEA OF ALONE: POEMS FOR ALFRED HITCHCOCK.
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