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{Review} NOTHING LASTING, Glen Krisch

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{Review} NOTHING LASTING, Glen Krischby Glen Krisch
Published by Cemetery Dance Publications on November 24, 2014
Genres: Crime/Serial Killer, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Thriller
Pages: 242
Format: eBook
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Twenty-five years ago, Noah Berkley's childhood was stolen from him.

Twenty-five years ago, he lost the first and only love of his life.

Twenty-five years ago, someone died at his hand.

Only now, after all these years and spurred by the death of his father, does Noah Berkley believe he can face the memories he buried in the winter of 1984.

But sometimes memories aren't the old things we recover when we reopen the wounds of the past...

NOTHING LASTING, by Glen Krisch, is a story of the emotional upheaval and loss of innocence a boy goes through when forced to move with his father–to his deceased Grandfather’s home–after his parents’ separation.

“Twenty-five years ago, Noah Berkley’s childhood was stolen from him.”

In the winter of 1984, twelve-year-old Noah and his father arrive in his father’s hometown, and officially take possession of Grandpa Berkley’s former home.  Still reeling from the reality of his parents no longer being together, Noah is beyond shocked to see the intimate familiarity between his father and neighbor, Erin Dooling.  The worst of it though is Erin’s fourteen-year-old son, Derek–whom Noah soon labels “psychotic” after being forced to accompany the older boy on a series of dubious “adventures”.  While it is quickly confirmed that his dad and Erin are seeing each other regularly, Noah is often left to stay with the Doolings, who reside with Erin’s parents; father, Stan, and mother, who is no longer aware of the world around her.

As tensions between Noah and Derek mount, Noah discovers that there was a string of unsolved child disappearances in the area ten years ago.

“Monsters were real.  Human monsters who preyed on children . . .”

Only one child’s body was ever found, washed up upon the rocks of a river.  Noah begins researching the disappearances, and one day, goes to the river where the one child was discovered:  “. . . He wondered if it happened here.  Or maybe this was only where it ended.  Perhaps those rocks held down child-sized bones under the river’s perpetually rushing water–the scene of a never-ending drowning. . . “

The characterization of Noah, Derek, and the one sunny part of Noah’s new life–Jenny Sparrow–was masterfully done.  I felt that I knew these children personally, especially Noah.  His angst, anger, love, and determination came clearly out from the pages.  Even stuck with the possibility of having the maniacal Derek as a future step-brother, Noah tried to focus on the fact that “at least he had met Jenny”.

The cold winter season added dramatically to the tone of the novel as well.  You could virtually feel the wind biting through Noah’s fingers, and assaulting his face as he ventured out.  Noah was a boy you couldn’t help but feel for.  Despite all the drama and negativity in his life, he was thinking about the horror that OTHER families–those whose children had disappeared–were faced with; no closure.  The way Noah saw it, these missing children represented something even worse than an accident claiming their young lives.

“. . . The tragedy was planned, scripted, acted out.  Intention made it so much worse, even if the results were the same.”

When you settle down to read about Noah’s story, his interactions with the Doolings, the first love of his life, and his mind trying to come to terms with the unfairness of life–be prepared to spend quite some time there.  This is a tale that you won’t want to leave once you’ve begun.

Highly recommended!

About Glen Krisch

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Glen Krisch hopes to add to his list of ghosts he’s witnessed (two), as well as develop his rather pedestrian telekinetic and precognitive skills. His novels include Amazon Bestseller WHERE DARKNESS DWELLS, THE NIGHTMARE WITHIN, NOTHING LASTING, ARKADIUM RISING, and LITTLE WHISPERS (forthcoming).

Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked a lot of unfulfilling jobs that only reinforced his ambition to chase his dreams. Besides writing and reading, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his three boys, simple living, and ultra-running.

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