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{Review} WHERE THE DEAD ONES PLAY: A Supernatural Horror, by Kyle M. Scott

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{Review} WHERE THE DEAD ONES PLAY:  A Supernatural Horror, by Kyle M. ScottWHERE THE DEAD ONES PLAY by Kyle M. Scott
Published by Matt Shaw Publications on April 11, 2016
Genres: Horror, Crime, Supernatural
Pages: 137
Format: eBook
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Matt Shaw Presents Kyle M Scott's "Where The Dead Ones Play"
PLEASE NOTE: This title is a re-release of "Protection". Please do not purchase if you have already read "Protection" - unless, of course, you want to!

Lilith Sinclair has disappeared.

Two days have passed since pretty nine year old, Lilith, vanished without a trace, shaking the once peaceful seaside town of Arlington, Oregon, to its very core. The locals are scared, the community fears the worst, and a terrible dread has nestled in the hearts of the town's mothers and fathers .

The parents are terrified that their child could be next.

James Kember is one such parent. An author of horror fiction, James is no stranger to the macabre, but when strange messages begin appearing around his home that seem to target his beloved son, Eddie, he begins to understand true fear.

Someone, or something, is coming for his boy. It wants to take his only child down into the darkness. Now, to protect little Eddie, James will have to embrace a darkness that is all his own.

For the others are waiting, where the dead ones play.

Includes introduction from Matt Shaw - author of Sick B*stards and the sick mind behind the infamous Black Cover books

WHERE THE DEAD ONES PLAY, by Kyle M. Scott, is an emotional, fast-paced supernatural horror/thriller novel. In the small town of Arlington, Oregon, a nine-year-old girl named Lilith Sinclair has gone missing. The entire town is in shock, as things like this are not a common occurrence in Arlington–and a child missing does not often end well . . .

James Kember is a man raising his eight-year-old son, Eddie, alone since his beloved wife died shortly after giving birth. Through the depression of losing his wife, James lives completely for his son, swearing to protect him always.

“. . . He is my best friend. He’s also the only reason I’m still above ground, and breathing . . .”

Scott does a magnificent job in portraying the love and devotion between a father and son. James’ feelings are something that every parent can identify with in regards to our kids: “. . . our children are the extension of ourselves . . . The fragile dream of what we could aspire to be . . .”

This story touches on some uncomfortable truths. When a child is abducted, all those around may be filled with an awful feeling of shock–tempered by the silent guilt of relief that it wasn’t THEIR own.

“There are few things more agonizing for a parent than to have to watch helplessly as our child is tormented.”

Even with James doing everything he can for Eddie, the boy can not be protected from all things–for example, school bullying: “. . . in the tiny, goldfish bowl world in which children live, a bully, or a perceived threat, can be a traumatizing and devastating thing . . . It can change a child. In unimaginable ways.”

When Eddie begins having severe night terrors, there is little even his father can do to protect him. This is where the emotional impact made me really connect to James, in terms of the anguish of not being able to fix everything for your children. There are simply times when they have to do things on their own, and we can not always make sure their lives are “perfect”. I was so enthralled with this tale and the characters that I read it in a single sitting. Even when I was sure I “knew” everything, Scott continued to surprise me–and yet still managed to make the events completely plausible.

What James fears is every parent’s worst nightmare.

“I will always protect him.”

Yet when signs begin pointing to Eddie as the town’s next target, he is faced with the reality that some things are simply out of our control.

WHERE THE DEAD ONES PLAY is a completely engrossing story that blends real emotions with supernatural and horror elements to perfection. This was my first read from author Kyle M. Scott, but it will definitely not be my last.

Highly recommended!

About Kyle M. Scott

Kyle M. Scott is a horror author hailing from the dark and desolate wastelands of Glasgow, Scotland. He spent his formative years immersed in the world of horror, devouring the genre in all its forms. A rabid fan of the underground authors whose work paved the way for a more visceral, hard-hitting style of horror, Kyle’s love of extreme gore and boundary-pushing fiction could only lead him down one path.

Kyle currently has seven works available. Volume 1 and 2 of the ‘Consumed’ series – a collection of dark fiction that melds extreme horror with the blackest wit – and the full-length love letter to 80’s splatter and monster movies, ‘Devil’s Day’. His second novel, ‘Aftertaste’, pushed the boundaries of depravity to raw and shocking levels, combining social satire, suspense and a heavy dose of graphic horror. His latest full-length novel, Where The Dead Ones Play, takes the supernatural tale in brave new directions and his new series of Novellas, Razorblade Candies, continues to push boundaries in his exploration of horror in all its guises.

In his relatively short career, his works have made him a favourite among readers with a taste for fearless, provocative fiction that evokes the classic works of those who shaped modern horror.

Among his many influences, he cites Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum as the writers who sealed his fate.

At present, he is working on the extreme horror novel, Hell’s Auxiliary.

Kyle currently resides in Glasgow with his long suffering partner, an arrogant cat, and an imagination that keeps him up all night contemplating therapy.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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