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{Review} LITTLE DEAD RED, by Mercedes M. Yardley

{Review} LITTLE DEAD RED, by Mercedes M. YardleyLITTLE DEAD RED by Mercedes M. Yardley
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on December 21, 2015
Genres: Crime/Serial Killer, Dark Fantasy, Dark Fiction, Horror, Psychological Horror
Pages: 61
Format: eBook
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The Wolf is roaming the city in this Bram Stoker award winning tale, and he must be stopped.

Grim Marie knows far too much about the wolves of the world, a world where little girls go missing. After all, she had married one before she/he showed his claws, and what that wolf did to her little girl was unforgiveable. Grim Marie isn’t certain if she can ever forgive herself for putting her Little Aleta in harm’s way.

When Grandmother becomes ill, Aleta offers to take the bus through the concrete forest to Grandmother’s house to bring her some goodies. She knows the way. What could possibly go wrong?

In this modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf takes to the city streets to capture his prey, but the hunter is close behind him. With Grim Marie on the prowl, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Wolves pad through the darkest kind of fairytale: one that can come true.

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LITTLE DEAD RED, by Mercedes Yardley was one of those “gems” of a find, for myself. I was expecting a fairytale book-style story, twisted–of course–and found so much MORE, that I haven’t been able to get this story out of my mind.

In the beginning, we have the mom, “Happy Marie”, and her beautiful young daughter, Aleta. Often, she was even “Smiling Marie”. Then came the day that she realized Aleta was being subjected to an abuse NO child should ever have to know–particularly one so young. From that moment on, she became “Grim Marie”, concerned only with protecting her daughter from all the dangers in the world around her.

The writing style here is written in a way that is fun–particularly when we get to the fairy-tale parts (a young girl in a red hoodie going to deliver goodies to an ailing Grandmother). However, it is also emotional, evocative, and quite poetic at times: “Words were currency. Marie wanted to save each syllable, stuff them in her pocket like the precious things they were. They were tossed around here and there like spare change, but she felt the weight, the beauty of each one . . .”

We then go witness Grim Marie become Terrified Marie, and back to the Grimmest of Maries, as she faces something so heart wrenchingly brutal, that mere words could not convey the feelings of. After a series of minor transformations, due in part to the support of Officer Will and his wife, Winnie, Marie decides to become the monster that tore her world from her–Huntsman Marie, or “the wolf”. The journey that Mercedes Yardley takes us on in Marie’s shoes is one that I couldn’t turn away from for a minute. I “felt” every emotion, every thought, that Marie went through. The story may be a “modern day fairytale” in some aspects, but it’s one that is certainly all too real, in others.

Here is the tale of Marie.

You never know where a fairy tale will take you….

Highly recommended!

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Hi. I’m Mercedes. I have two broken laptops, three kids, a husband and no time to write, although I try my very best. I like to write stories. I like to write poems. I like to write essays and sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they aren’t.

I know how to throw a tomahawk and I wear red corduroys because they make me happy. That’s also why I write: I like being happy.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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