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{Review} DARK NEEDS: Three Twisted Tales of Horror, by Brian Moreland

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{Review} DARK NEEDS:  Three Twisted Tales of Horror, by Brian MorelandDark Needs: Three Twisted Tales of Horror by Brian Moreland
Published by Rising Horse Books on February 28, 2017
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Mystery & Detective, Occult & Supernatural, Psychological Horror, Supernatural
Pages: 64
Format: eBook
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Every vice has a terrifying price...

In this collection of three short stories, award-winning author Brian Moreland explores the obsessions of desperate people who cross boundaries into dark places to fulfill their deepest needs.

The Dealer of Needs - Addicted to a dangerous new drug, vice cop Alex Decker searches the seedy side of Hollywood for a legendary dealer who can fulfill anyone’s needs.

Offspring - Driven to get what she wants most, New York journalist Cara Klein travels to the backwoods of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens to a mystical place where whatever you wish for comes true.

Chasing the Dragon - Nick Meyers searches Hong Kong’s underworld for his missing lover, a Chinese woman whose life was just as much a riddle as her disappearance.

DARK NEEDS:  Three Twisted Tales of Horror, by Brian Moreland, is a mini collection of three horror stories that delve into the dark depths people will go to in order to obtain their obsessive “needs”.  Though they are connected by this common theme, each story stands on its own merits.

In the first tale, “The Dealer of Needs”, Alex Decker is an undercover cop.  After years of battling his way to the top, he finds that all of the good things he had in his life are now out of reach . . .or are they?  Everyone has their own needs and vices . . .   This imaginative tale has an entire “subtle” level underlying it all that I simply couldn’t get out of my mind.  Probably my personal favorite of the bunch, this is the one that caused the most internal ideas for me to speculate on afterwards.

In “Offspring”, Cara Kline is a woman whose hard work and stubborn determination has always gotten her what she wanted in life–except for the one thing that she has no control over.  When you are fixated on something so fervently, it’s easy not to question the motivations of others.  A solid tale, with a nice little “surprise” as an added touch.

“Chasing the Dragon” is the last story in this collection.  Nick Meyers has a serious problem.  His Chinese lover, Ming, has mysteriously gone missing in Hong Kong’s underworld.  Any sane person would give up the obsession and move on with their life.  For Nick, however, finding out more about the woman he loved could be as elusive as “chasing the dragon” . . .  Another story that I felt held multiple layers within it to mentally delve into–once this one gets stuck in your mind, you may find yourself obsessed, as well.

Moreland has penned these three distinct stories–each dealing with a different form of obsession, and combined them into a compact collection.  The one thing these tales do have in common is that their main characters all have their hearts set on something they desperately want or need.  Other than the theme, the content couldn’t be any more different.

These thoughts and desires of the main characters are so strong, that the reader may feel themselves longing for their “dark needs” along with them.  Each story is set in a unique location, with different goals, and different methods to achieve them.  Despite the short story format, these tales will leave you resonating with questions long after you’ve finished reading them.  And don’t be surprised to find your mind wandering back to them every once in a while, pondering “What if . . . ?”


About Brian Moreland

Brian Moreland writes dark suspense, thrillers, and horror. His books include DEAD OF WINTER, SHADOWS IN THE MIST, THE WITCHING HOUSE, THE DEVIL’S WOODS, THE VAGRANTS, DARKNESS RISING and a short story collection, DARK NEEDS: 3 Twisted Tales of Horror. Brian loves hiking, world travel, and spending time with family. He’s been known to explore caves and unchartered rain forests in Costa Rica. He lives in Dallas, Texas where he is having fun writing new scary fiction.

Brian loves visiting with readers.


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