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{Giveaway} 5/10/17–5/20/17 (2) eBooks of WE CAME BACK, by Patrick Lacey

{Giveaway} 5/10/17–5/20/17  (2) eBooks of WE CAME BACK, by Patrick Laceyby Patrick Lacey
Published by Sinister Grin Press Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Psychological Horror, Supernatural
Format: eBook
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Follow along the tour with these hashtags: #WeCameBack #monstersandcults #AmericanCancerSociety

**Patrick Lacey will be donating all his proceeds from this book to the American Cancer Society in memory of his dad, who lost his battle with cancer.**

We Came Back, Synopsis

* Print Length: 354 pages

* Publisher: Sinister Press

* Publication Date: April 15, 2017

Growing up dead. Melvin Brown sees things that aren’t there. Monsters with tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Ever the social outcast, he is bullied to the point of suicide. And his hatred of those who did him wrong does not die with him. One decade after Melvin's death, something strange is happening to Lynnwood High School's smartest and most popular students. They begin to act out and spend time at the former high school, now abandoned and said to be haunted. And their numbers grow at an alarming rate. Is this just a passing fad or are the rumors true? Does Lynnwood really have a teenage cult on their hands?

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About Patrick Lacey

Patrick Lacey was born and raised in a haunted house. He currently spends his nights and weekends writing about things that make the general public uncomfortable. He lives in Massachusetts with his Pomeranian and his muse, who is likely trying to kill him. Follow him on Twitter (@patlacey), find him on Facebook, or visit his website at


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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