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{Review} 11:47 (Small Slices of Horror Vol 1), by John Hennessy

{Review} 11:47 (Small Slices of Horror Vol 1), by John Hennessy11:47 (Small Slices of Horror Vol 1) by John Hennessy
Published by Amazon Digital Services on April 25, 2017
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Thriller
Pages: 111
Format: eBook
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Horror is most chillingly served by those who KNOW you.
A psychological horror collection to turn your mind inside out.
The YA-Horror awarding winning author John Hennessy offers a spine-tingling compilation of short stories created solely to keep a reader up late at night.

From the creator of the Dark Winter trilogy, A Tale of Vampires and the award winning psychological horror series Haunted Minds comes a new and terrifying short story collection.

John Hennessy is in terrifying top form in these short stories, taking readers down a seemingly gentle start in the opening titular story '11:47'.

A simple lift turns macabre when it opens its doors, never mind closing them. A joyride becomes a ride in terror in 'Ghost Train', along with three more stories that will keep you awake until daybreak. Enter a nightmarish mindscape of unrelenting horror, psychological twists and turns with shocking revelations that could only come from the creator of the award winning Haunted Minds series.

11:47 (Small Slices of Horror Vol 1), by John Hennessy, is a collection of six of his short stories. As in any collection, there were some stories that I thought were great, and others that just didn’t work as well for me.

My personal favorites included the title story “11:47”, “The Lift”, “Just an Illusion”, and “Ghost Train”.

–“11:47”: When Louise gets a call–with nobody on the other end of the line–at 11:47 pm, the frights have just begun. Unhappy in her marriage and with her role as a mother, anxiety is always present within her. “. . . Somebody definitely dies when two become one . . .”

–“The Lift”: A young girl must take on the role of caregiver at an unfairly early age after the untimely death of her mother. “. . . Your mother is involved in a negative ongoing situation.” . . . “You mean . . . she’s dead?”

–“Just an Illusion”: A surreal magic show where the magician shows a select few the concept of reality veers illusion.

–“Ghost Train”: This one could be seen as a cautionary tale about how you view your dates, but I prefer to think of it as a “special” journey on an unusual carnival ride, that shows just who you really are, inside.

In a collection of only six tales, having four that especially struck me as really good is a great collection, in my mind. Though it could have benefitted from additional editing, the overall contents are worth the purchase price.


About John Hennessy

John Hennessy is an award winning (Reader’s Favourite Silver Award – YA Horror for 2016) and best-selling author of paranormal horror, psychological thrillers and fantasy fiction.

Book Stop Corner blog says this:- “His horror stories will give you goosebumps.” He’s written fifteen novels of various lengths, most of them in five series:

HAUNTED MINDS – Enter a world where nothing is quite what it seems. Discover ghosts, demons and terrifying psychological horror in this best selling, award winning series.

THE HALLOWEENERS – In an all new series for 2016, a group of children take a macabre delight in celebrating All Hallows Eve, but who will they bring along for the terrifying ride?

DARK WINTER – Join Romilly, Toril, Beth and Jacinta as they battle dark forces and demons within, in this chart topping series for young adult to adult.

A TALE OF VAMPIRES – Enter a world of gothic and contemporary vampire horror as three siblings go on a rampage of self-discovery and murderous ghoulish games. But are they what they think they are, and if so, can they be stopped? Book One – Murderous Little Darlings is free on Amazon. Grab it today.

STORMLING – In an age when Stormlings have only known peacetime, one man’s desperate action threatens not only the stability of the mystical world of Mordana, but Earth as well. Teenager Ophelia Drewe discovers a jewel that has been lost from its homeworld, and whilst she thinks she can keep it, demonic forces believe otherwise. She’s not alone, but who can she trust? The head Stormling, Anadyr, hasn’t been to the Earth in 500 years, but go there he must – if the jewel is not returned, it will destroy both Ophelia’s world and his own…For fans of Middle Earth and anyone who loves a good fantasy yarn.

Several of John’s books have hit Amazon’s overall Top 100 bestsellers list. Thousands of his books have been bought or downloaded. John was raised on Star Trek, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Lord of the Rings, and endless kung fu movies. So now you know what you are getting into.

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Murderous Little Darlings
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Book ratings and suggested reading age:-

Dark Winter series – 15+
Haunted Minds series – Ghost of Normandy Road – 14+
Haunted Minds series – Clara’s Song – 18+ / Children of the Dark Light 18+
A Tale of Vampires series – 14+ (except for Reunion of the Blood / Dawn of the New Breed- 18+)
The Halloweeners series – 9+
Stormling – 12+


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