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{Review} DANI: A Dani Scott Novella #1, by Stuart Keane

{Review} DANI:  A Dani Scott Novella #1, by Stuart KeaneDANI: A Dani Scott novella #1 by Stuart Keane
Published by Amazon Digital Services on April 24, 2017
Genres: Crime, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Law & Crime, Mystery & Detective, Police Procedural, Psychological Horror, Thriller
Pages: 78
Format: eBook
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She's back...

It's been six months since Dani gained revenge for the brutal death of her family. With a major crime syndicate now out of commission, the residents of London can rest easy in the knowledge that the streets are a little safer.

But crime is unending, a disease. London will never be safe.

With her own personal vendetta complete, Dani now takes to the streets to avenge the citizens of her city; the helpless, the suffering and the victimised, but it's not going to be a simple task. The crime world is now aware of her presence, the avenging shadow that stalks the unlawful in the night, but so are the police.

With no one to turn to, and wanted by both sides of the law, Dani must come to terms with her perilous situation, face her inner demons, and make the ultimate decision.

DANI is the follow-up to the bestselling psychological thriller GRIN, which is available on Amazon now!
This book bridges the gap between GRIN and the incoming sequel, RESURGENCE.

RESURGENCE - The Sequel to GRIN/Dani Scott #2
Available October 27, 2017.

REQUIEM - Dani Scott #3
Available 2018.


DANI: A Dani Scott Novella #1, by Stuart Keane takes place six months after the events in GRIN. The author states that this novella spans the gap “between GRIN and the incoming sequel, “RESURGENCE“, which is projected to be available October 27, 2017. While some background to Dani is given, I recommend reading the novel GRIN to understand her entire story before reading this novella.

After planning her revenge and taking out one of the biggest crime lords in the city–following the slaughter of her entire family, and severe disfigurement she endured as a result of his orders–Dani is confronted with the fact that Ross Rhodes’ reach extends much further than the “small army” that she single-handedly destroyed. On a self appointed mission to help those who are unable to defend themselves against men like this, Dani carries out her vigilante-style justice.

At the same time, those she thought she put down begin to organize their corrupt plot against her . . .

“Grin was a facade, an image created by one of the greatest crime bosses in London’s history . . . a twisted character portrayed by the horrendous scars on [her] face . . . “

In this novella, Keane builds upon Dani’s character–who she was, and who she is becoming. Complicating the issue is that although Dani is protecting the innocent–technically she is on the wrong side of the law, herself, now. The policeman who saved her life, Jack Scott, is torn between his sworn duty, and his sense of compassion in protecting this teenager who’s entire world was shattered.

While still action packed, I felt that this story showed a more vulnerable, emotional side of both Dani and Jack Scott. She is still just a teenager, trying to find a place for herself in this new world she has been thrust into. Keane has expertly set up events to create this interlude of her life, that will both showcase her mindset and skills now, and leave some ramifications that will follow her through to book 2 in her saga, RESURGENCE.

Just how much of a chance does a lone woman with a mutilated face stand against all of the corruption AND the police force in London? Against the odds, she has resolved to find out.

“I’m Dani Scott, and there will be a resurgence.”

Highly recommended, to be preceded by the novel, GRIN!

About Stuart Keane

Stuart Keane is a person who, at a very young age, fell in love with the written word.

People ask me why I enjoy books. Sometimes I remain speechless. I know many people who have never read a book – they do exist – and trying to explain this simple, yet amazing pastime to them is never easy. It’s pretty difficult in fact.

I read my first adult book at age seven. This was years after seeing my first film but the experience, where new, was something else entirely. I remember being stuck on one page (for those who are curious, the book was Flesh by Richard Laymon, an excellent, yet under-appreciated horror writer) for half an hour because the detail in the scene was so vivid. I actually remember him describing an abandoned restaurant and I didn’t want to continue. It was THAT real to me that I felt I was actually there. Continuing to read would take me into the restaurant and because of previous events in the book, you knew it was a very bad idea.

This was my first memory of the written word. It’s remained with me since and probably always will. Many authors have that defining moment when they realised they wanted to write fiction for a living. This is mine and has shaped my life ever since.

So who is Stuart Keane?

Just an ordinary guy who likes to write thrilling, compelling stories. For thirty years, people have enthralled me, entertained me and provided me with many, many adventures. And inspiration. Now, I want to return the favour.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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