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{Review} SAVAGE JUNGLE: Lair Of the Orang Pendek, by Hunter Shea

{Review} SAVAGE JUNGLE:  Lair Of the Orang Pendek, by Hunter SheaSAVAGE JUNGLE: Lair of the Orang Pendek by Hunter Shea
Published by Severed Press on April 7, 2017
Genres: Creature Feature, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Thriller
Pages: 189
Format: Paperback
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They are called the Orang Pendek, masters of the steamy Sumatran rain forest.

Henrik Kooper watched his father die at the brutal hands of the orange-haired ape men. Having barely survived helping twins Natalie and Austin McQueen discover and destroy the beasts lurking in Loch Ness, it’s now his turn for vengeance. Within the treacherous jungles of Sumatra lies the fabled lost city of Gadang Ur. Its secrets are guarded by a savage band of Orang Pendek who lord over the strange and deadly creatures of the hidden land. Utter madness is the lifeblood of Gadang Ur. Henrik’s journey into darkness will take them to the ragged edge of hell on Earth.

Some places were never meant to be discovered.

Praise for Loch Ness Revenge :
"A high octane, pandemonium packed tour de force of action charged mayhem!" -- HorrorTalk Reviews
"An adrenaline-fueled creature feature. Is it too much to beg for another adventure?" -- Horror After Dark
"A roaring torrent of firepower and grey skies." -- Unnerving Magazine

SAVAGE JUNGLE: Lair Of the Orang Pendek, by Hunter Shea, features the characters of fraternal twins, Austin and Natalie McQueen, and friend/legend hunter, Henrik Kooper, formerly of the German Special Forces. We first meet these individuals in Shea’s LOCH NESS REVENGE, where Henrik assisted the McQueens in getting their revenge on the creature that tore their family apart by murdering their parents. Now, it’s time for the McQueens to return the favor.

As a boy, Henrik witnessed the brutal murder of his father by a band of legendary Orang Pendeks, and ever since, he has been planning his own revenge. While most people would scoff at the existence of such creatures, Natalie and Austin know first hand how REAL these “legends” can be.

“. . . These creatures, or any elusive animal for that matter, exist behind a cloak of disbelief . . . “

With their mission in mind, the trio are joined by some other friends of Henrik, and head out into the deepest Sumatran Jungle. Still keeping in character with their sarcastic wit and view of the world around them, the twins resign themselves to whatever fate awaits them.

“You think we’re really going to find a tribe of Orang Pendeks?” “I doubt it. But I am sure we’ll find a tropical disease or two.”

I absolutely loved these three main characters with their personalities, resourcefulness, comedic sarcasm, and loyalty to each other. I felt this made them the perfect candidates for a tangle with creatures few have ever glimpsed.

“It wasn’t a matter of what could go wrong. It was more a matter of what wouldn’t go wrong . . . “

According to Henrik, the creatures made their home in a lost city known as Gadang Ur: “. . . Sometimes, places are lost for a damn good reason.”

The location of a dense jungle couldn’t have been any more perfect for this journey. Between the nearly impenetrable jungle itself, the large bugs, and other unknown creatures that call the place home, there is literally no safe place for our gang to rest. The tension begins early in the novel, and manages to ratchet up steadily throughout the entire story.

“Those fuckers were fast and strong and worst of all, relentless. But they weren’t bulletproof . . .”

It doesn’t take long for things to get really bad and for Austin, Nat, and Henrik to realize that there are other dangers in the jungle that could just as easily prove fatal to them.

“I would hazard a guess and say that we’re pretty much screwed.”

Even Henrik, who has been preparing for this combat nearly his entire life, has to concede that: “. . . There was no black and white out here in the middle of nowhere. They were drowning in a turbulent sea of gray where all of his assumptions had been tossed like a rudderless boat.”

Nearly all throughout, however; Austin and Nat keep keep their flippant personalities, and seem to take each new impediment in stride.

“Tell me again why you think Gadang Ur is the place to be? Because I’m not feeling it right about now.”

The jungle hides more dangers then the Orang Pendek, and they are all about to find out the harsh reality of their situation.

Shea keeps the pace going strong with this one, not allowing for even a moment to take a breath of relief. The incredible personalities he’s brought to life are ones you won’t want to forget at any point. In my opinion, theses characters MAKE the novel complete, and I can only hope that we see more from them in the near future.

“. . . maybe some places are never meant to be found . . .”

Overall, I found this to be a fast-paced, thrilling novel with dynamic characters and new “surprises” popping up all throughout the journey.

Highly Recommend!

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